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Wheat Bran

Наименование продукта Wheat bran Упаковка backfill Объём поставки wholesale from 10 tons Соответствие стандарту GOST 7169-2017 Варианты доставки self-delivery from the territory of the enterprise, we can deliver by truck or by train
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Fodder wheat bran is a by-product of the milling industry, which consists of ground wheat grain shells and some floury substances, and wheat germ.

Bran is used directly as a feed for livestock and poultry, as well as a raw material for the production of mixed feeds.

Production and Supply of Wheat Bran

AminoSib® granulated fodder bran is a modern and high-quality product demanded by the market, which has significant advantages over "fluffy" bran, namely:

- long shelf life (6 months from production date) and increased safety of the product (in the production process during granulation the bran undergoes additional thermal treatment by steam and compact, due to which the effect of yeast and mold fungi is reduced, the level of insemination by viable forms of microorganisms that delay animal growth and cause disease is reduced);
- high density of filling, allowing easy transport of the product over long distances;
- low dust generation (reduction of explosion and fire hazard, convenience when feeding animals)
- the lower volume of storage compared to the original material;
- universal pellet size (D 6 mm) - suitable for feeding both small animals (rabbits) and large animals (cattle, pigs, horses).

High-tech production of fodder bran

Aminosib is a high-tech producer and supplier of wheat feed bran. The capacity of the plant allows the production of 20,000 tons of finished product per year.

Production and Supply of Wheat Bran

To buy feed bran in bulk from 10 tons with delivery from the manufacturer

You can buy wheat fodder bran from Aminosib in large quantities at wholesale prices of 10 tons. We, as a producer and supplier, can provide product delivery by ourselves. Delivery is carried out both on our own and with the use of hired cars or rail transport. Bran is loaded by the filling method.

Production and Supply of Wheat Bran

If necessary, the customer can pick up the products from our warehouse. The territory of the plant has all the necessary infrastructure and its own railway branch line, which is adjacent to the public railroad track at Ishim station.

Application for wholesale supply of wheat fodder bran

ATTENTION! A minimum volume of wholesale supply: 10 tons

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