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Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Наименование продукта Carbon dioxide (CO2) Упаковка liquefied form in a tank Объём поставки wholesale from 10 tons Соответствие стандарту GOST 8050-85 Варианты доставки self-delivery from the territory of the enterprise, we can deliver by truck or by train
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Carbon dioxide or high-pressure liquefied CO2 gas from Aminosib is a quality product with a high degree of purity, sufficient for product use in food production.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is released as a result of fermentation during the production of ethanol, then it is compressed under high pressure and purified from harmful impurities.

 Carbon dioxide (CO2) production and supply

Today, carbon dioxide is widely used in many industries, for example, carbon dioxide is used in firefighting systems, as a protective environment in welding wire, in the production of carbonated beverages, as well as for cooling, freezing, preservation, and storage of food products.

High-tech production of carbon dioxide (liquefied CO2)

As mentioned above, carbon dioxide is a byproduct of ethanol production. High-tech equipment at the Aminosib plant and our own environmentally friendly raw materials make it possible to produce a safe, high-quality product that can be used in the food industry. The plant has the capacity to produce 5,000 tons of liquefied CO2 per year.

 Carbon dioxide (CO2) production and supply

Aminosib is a modern producer of amino acids and one of the largest grain processors in Russia and understands the responsibility for the environment. That is why we do NOT release CO2 into the environment but invest in its collection, purification, and liquefaction.

Buy compressed carbon dioxide (liquefied CO2) in bulk from 10 tons from the manufacturer

You can buy bulk carbon dioxide (liquefied CO2) from Aminosib in large quantities at wholesale prices of 10 tons.

 Carbon dioxide (CO2) production and supply

Application for wholesale supply of food-grade carbon dioxide (liquefied CO²)

ATTENTION! A minimum volume of wholesale supply: 10 tons

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