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Наименование продукта Ethanol «Lux» and «Alpha» class Упаковка tanker loading Объём поставки wholesale from 400 dal Соответствие стандарту GOST 5962-2013 Варианты доставки self-delivery from the territory of the enterprise, we can deliver by truck or by train
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AminoSib® Lux and Alpha class food ethanol is a modern and safe product of deep processing of ecologically pure wheat raw materials. It is a single-atom rectified food ethanol with the formula C2H5OH.

Highly rectified ethanol has many applications: in the production of alcoholic beverages, in cooking, in the production of drugs and medicines, as a disinfectant (or its component), as a preservative, etc.

The largest producer and wholesale supplier of edible ethyl alcohol GOST 5962-2013

Aminosib is one of the largest producers and wholesale suppliers of food ethanol for the "Lux" and "Alpha" classes in Russia and CIS. The production capacity of the distillery is 1 656 000 dal of rectified ethanol per year.

We produce food ethanol of "Lux" and "Alpha" classes with unique and innovative technologies. Ethanol undergoes five stages of purification (rectification) on modern equipment.

Ethanol Production and Supply

At all stages of production: from grain harvesting, to the final stages of purification, our product undergoes careful control for compliance with established quality standards.

Quality confirmed by leading alcohol industry experts

For several years in a row, Aminosib ethanol has won the gold medal and first-degree diploma at the Moscow International Spirit Competition.

Buy ethanol in bulk from 400 dal

Please note that Aminosib provides wholesale supplies of ethanol "Lux" and "Alpha" from 400 dal. We do not sell deliveries below 400 dal.

Ethanol Production and Supply

If necessary, we can deliver the finished product by road or rail to the customer. To this end, we have an established, optimized logistics network, the necessary equipment, infrastructure, and our own railway branch line on the territory of the plant.


Application for wholesale supply of ethanol of Lux and Alpha class

ATTENTION! A minimum volume of wholesale supply: 400 dal.

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